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Model From/To Volume / Number of cyl. Power, KW/HP Engine code Engine type Body
STARION (A18_A) 2.0 Turbo ECi 1985-1987 1997cc    4cyl. 110 / 150 4G63 T (SOHC 8V) Petrol Engine Coupe
STARION (A18_A) 2.0 Turbo ECi (A183A) 1982-1985 1997cc    4cyl. 125 / 170 4G63 T (ECI) Petrol Engine Coupe
STARION (A18_A) 2.0 Turbo ECi (A183A) 1985-1987 1997cc    4cyl. 132 / 180 4G63 T/C Petrol Engine Coupe
STARION (A18_A) 2.6 Turbo ECi (A187A) 1987-1990 2555cc    4cyl. 114 / 155 G54B T/C Petrol Engine Coupe

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